+100 Years

Of Experience

With the success and reputation of Sayed Abdel Gelil El Ashram as a leader in the cotton trade in Egypt as a whole, Sami El Ashram chose to begin his long journey in trade & industry with textiles

By the age of 17, Sami El Ashram, began his first retail outlet selling textile raw materials and continued to grow his business; by the age of 21 his business was to include four retail outlets in Cairo, selling all types of woven materials sales.

Textile production

By the age of 24, Sami El Ashram, began his ventures in textiles industry by creating his first weaving mill, Delta Weaving Co., which produced clothing materials.  With his success in an industry, Sami El Ashram, began expanding his industrial knowledge and capacity beyond Egypt; starting with Morocco in the beginning of the sixties, in partnership with local Moroccans and a Syrian group of investors.  By the mid sixties, due to logistics reasons, Sami El Ashram changed direction and moved his investments from Morocco to Lebanon, where logistics and the business environment portrayed greater opportunity.  The industrial entity in Lebanon expanded to include both spinning and weaving production; which continued for 10 successful years until the occupation of Syria.

Weaving Mills under the registered name of Blanco for linens & coverings Production of the spinning mills was primarily for local markets supplying most local textile manufacturers within the clothing and carpet industries.  Production of the weaving mills catered for both the local and International markets in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.